SAMPLE PRACTICE (see safe-opening procedures, this schedule returns in 2021)

Daily Schedule:

5:30-5:40- Arrive at Weymouth High School, sign in

** All ahtletes must be signed in by a parent or other adult**

5:40-5:55- Warm up (400m jog, active stretching)

5:55-6:35- Technique Session #1

6:35-6:40- Water Break (campers encouraged to bring own water)

6:40-7:20- Technique Session #2

7:20-7:30- Team stretch & Coach Talk

** All athletes must be signed out by a parent or other adult**


Technique Sessions:

Shot Put (ages 7+ only)- we have shots as small as 2 lbs.

Turbo javelin (all ages)

Softball throw (ages 5-6 only)

Hurdles (all ages, we have hurdles as low as 6")

Sprints & relays (all ages)

Middle distance (all ages)

Long jump (all ages)

High Jump (ages 9+ only)


Age Groups:

4-6 Years Old (returning in 2021)

7-8 Years Old

9-10 Years Old

11-14 Years Old

All campers receive a free Weymouth Youth Track Club t-shirt when they register. Here are some of our past shirts:

MEET DAYS (will be back in 2021)

Track meets are a fun, competitive way to test what our campers have learned during our practices. We will host two meets at Weymouth High School, and will travel to two at Norwell High School. These will take place on July 12th, 19th, 26th, and August 2nd. Please note that parents are expected to provide transportation to away meets, as their is no bus provided. Campers can choose from any events, but we typically recommend 2 running and 2 field events only. Meets typically follow the following schedule:


5:30: Arrive at Weymouth or Norwell High School

545: Team warmup & active stretch

6:00: Field events (all ages- turbo javelin, long jump)

6:00: Throwing events (age 5-6 softball, 7-up shot put)

6:00: 50 meter hurdles (ages 7-up)

6:15: 50 meter dash (ages 5-6)

6:30: 1 mile run (ages 7-up)

6:40: 100 Meter dash (all ages)

6:55: 400 Meter Run (all ages)

7:10: 800 Meter Run (all ages)

7:15: 200 Meter Dash (all ages)

7:30: Depart Weymouth or Norwell High School


Each athlete will leave with a certificate at the end of each meet, and results will be linked to our website from as soon as they are uploaded. Please be patient, as hand-entering results takes time!